Judge Feeders

Short and stout. Keeps varmints out!

The Judge varmint-proof feeder is built tough and made to last!

The Judge is a premium stand-and-fill deer feeder with a patented varmint-proof design

Smooth-Glide lid:

  • No "screeching" while sliding
  • LockDown latch design – 35 lbs. of latch pressure deters varmints

Patented varmint-proof design protects the spinner plate

Rain Guard protects against moisture

Full-Flow internal funnel design – no ledges on which corn can collect

Powder-coated, heavy-duty galvanized steel construction

Premium high-torque 12V motor (throws up to 40')

No exposed wires!

Heavy duty leg braces for added stability

Oversized, removable panel door provides easy access to battery, timer and wiring (slotted-camlock available)

Timer and battery are safely housed inside the hopper

Heavy-duty steel legs (powder-coated)

Oversized, pre-drilled holes in feet for staking down

Custom spinner plate launches corn farther, minimizes spillage

Elongated sight window for monitoring feed levels

Built-in, adjustable solar panel

Strong hopper - no bulging

Corner struts add strength and prevent bulging or twisting

Ruggedized oven-treated powdercoat finish

click and drag mouse (left and right)

  • Easy, stand-and-fill design
  • Low center of gravity - very stable, including around cattle
  • Easy to move and set up
  • Fits boxed or assembled in a pickup truck