Judge Feeders

Short and stout. Keeps varmints out!

The JUDGE Varmint-Proof Feeders stop varmints four ways!

Varmints are opportunists. They're looking for a free meal, and game feeders are an easy target. The problem is, varmints can eat a lot of feed and can cause damage. Thats's what The Judge is designed to stop!


The JUDGE’s revolutionary Varmint Guard shield prevents access to feed, motor, hopper and spinner

The JUDGE features a 16-gauge, galvanized steel plate located on the underbelly of the feeder, which leaves a mere 1¾" opening. Feed can easily project out, but varmints can’t get in! This patented Varmint Guard shield keeps varmints from getting at the feed, as well as from the motor, hopper and spinner.


Lockdown sliding hopper lid latches securely

Varmints are crafty. Anything but the most secure hopper lid is vulnerable to four-legged feed thieves. The JUDGE's Smooth-Glide hopper lid and access door feature a latch mechanism that varmints simply cannot solve. This Lockdown latch design means no varmint pilfering and no lost feed.


InsideJob design: Timer and battery are housed internally and away from varmints

If you run feeders, you know that varmints can get into everything. That’s why we put our timer and battery inside the feeder. This InsideJob design ensures varmints won't be able to cause havoc with the feeder's power system.


All-internal wiring: No exposed wires for varmints to chew

Each JUDGE feeder features the WireAway system, an all-internal wiring design, which means you’ll never again return to a feeder shut down by gnawing varmints.